Food safety is one of the most crucial parts of restaurant training. Simply put, it’s impossible to run a safe and successful business without it. But when should staff members receive food safety training- and how can you make sure your training is effective? Get the answers in the article below.

Food Safety Comes First

When should staff members receive food safety training? The answer is simple: before they handle food. Of course, this means that training should happen at different times for different staff members. For kitchen staff, food safety training must come before anything else. FOH staff can begin their training on the floor, but must complete their food safety training before they serve food to guests.

General Food Safety Training

“When should staff members receive food safety training?” is a fairly simple question. But the answer can get a little more complicated when it comes to the types of training. There are many courses to choose from, and different staff members will need to learn different things. However, most FOH (and some BOH) employees only need general food safety training, as they are not cooking or preparing food themselves.

Food Safety Certifications

For staff members who are cooking, food safety certifications are necessary. With this training, staffers will learn how to avoid food-borne illnesses and how to reduce the risk of food poisoning for your customers. This not only protects guest safety, but also helps to protect your business’s reputation.

Other Types of Training to Consider

In addition to food safety training, beverage training and general workplace safety training are also important for restaurant staff members. By preparing staff members for all types of issues, you are setting yourself up for success. Well-trained staffers can avoid accidents before they happen- which leads to a better restaurant experience for everyone.

Trusted Food Safety Training

All Pro Coaches offers a variety of food safety training programs, all tailored to fit your staff’s specific needs. From general food handling to food safety certification training, our staff does it all. Explore our website to learn more about our training programs, then call us to get started.