Our family tried a new restaurant last night and I was excited to see brisket on the menu. The server, on the other hand, was excited to rattle off the list of things they were out of. Including brisket. The moment he arrived at the table, he gave our table the list of things they couldn’t do: No brisket. No salmon. No chocolate cake ….no, no and no. Whoa!

Within minutes, I had a clear picture of what they couldn’t do: They couldn’t SELL me on the things they COULD do!

Consider this: That server could have proudly told me they have the best brisket in the area and given me a tip that they usually sell out early. (Best in the area?! Sells out regularly?! You bet I’d be back!) He could have gone on to tell me that the chef has a few amazing selections on the menu this evening that people are really raving about. Keeping my attention on the great things they COULD do would turn my disappointment about that brisket into interest for something else … anticipation for my next visit.

When your superstar menu item is out of the game, coach your team to focus on a few other menu heavy hitters. Consider this an OPPORTUNITY to build some buzz and bench strength in your menu. Give the Jumbo BBQ Grilled Shrimp a chance to score big!