Hiring servers can be a challenging process. How do you find candidates, and how do you choose among the candidates that you find? The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll give you some quick and easy ways to make sure you’re hiring the best servers.

Be Honest The Position

Most servers love the flexibility that the restaurant industry provides. Waiting tables allows people to make money while going to school, taking care of family members, or working at a second job. But of course, this means that many servers are looking for flexible working environments. During the hiring process, be honest about the number of hours you will need your new server and what the expectations for side work and closing duties are. They will appreciate your honesty, and will be able to talk candidly about whether the position is right for them.

Know Who You’re Looking For

Attitude goes a long way. And while all servers need to be friendly and hard-working, other personality traits are more restaurant-specific. Think about the type of person who would work best in your restaurant. What is the overall impression you would get from your dream candidate? Think about who would fit best with your customer base and also with other staff members. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t consider each applicant! It is simply a reminder to get clarity before you hire your new employee.

Consider a Trial Run

While resumes and interviews are important, nothing is more valuable than knowing how a new employee works with the team. Make sure your trainee takes plenty of orders during their training period so that you see their working style. You might also consider hiring a seasonal or temporary employee before offering the position to someone full-time. This is a great way for you- and the server- to make sure that the job is the best fit.

We Take the Guesswork Out Of Hiring Servers

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