As a restaurant owner or operator, where is your time best spent during the workday? Creating menus with the chef? Communicating with suppliers? Coaching and developing your teams? What about time spent hiring staff?

Staffing your restaurant is one of the most crucial tasks there is. Staff members can make or break your restaurant, yet one challenge we often hear from restaurant owners is that the hiring process just takes too much time. Ads need to be placed, resumes need to be read, interviews need to be conducted, references need to be checked. Once an offer of employment is made and accepted, then all the paperwork needs to be completed.

We recently spoke with a restaurant professional who was in charge of hiring for a brand new restaurant. Approximately 250 positions needed to be filled which resulted in approximately 500 interviews being conducted. As an expert, he understood the importance of it being he who conducted the interviews to ensure the best possible staff was hired. Can you imagine the time dedicated solely to hiring? How many other tasks could he have completed if he had a trusted source to handle the hiring process for him?

All Pro Restaurant Coaches has that exact solution! We have experts in the restaurant industry who know how to find the best qualified candidates for your type of restaurant and who know how to fit the best candidates to each position. We have well placed contacts throughout the industry which help us find great candidates who we can place in better jobs. We will attract the candidates, conduct the interviews, make the offers of employment, and complete the onboarding paperwork. In short, we save you time and money and provide you with well qualified employees ready to train.

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