The holidays are just around the corner, which means your restaurant is probably working hard to prepare its seasonal menu. And while there’s plenty of work to be done in the kitchen, it’s also important to remember the marketing aspect of holiday restaurant menu planning. Below, we’ll explain why marketing around the holiday’s matters- and how you can do it properly.

Planning Your Holiday Restaurant Menu

As you know- a lot goes into holiday restaurant menu planning! Coordinate with your chef, kitchen staff, and beverage director, and bartenders to make sure everyone is on the same page this season. Be sure to communicate your expectations clearly and delegate tasks responsibly. This way, members of your team can bring their own spin to the seasonal menu, while still meeting your overall goals.

The Importance of Holiday Season Marketing

Of course, a great holiday menu also needs to be marketed correctly. Otherwise, your guests will miss out on your seasonal offerings! Use email marketing and social media to reach your guests easily. You can also amend your traditional marketing techniques to help you spread the word about new menu options.

Getting Your Staff Involved

While marketing is great, nothing beats genuine, word-of-mouth recommendations. Make sure your front-of-house staff employees are all familiar with your seasonal items. Make sure all servers and bartenders get to try your holiday food and drink specials and have them practice selling items to your managers. With the right approach from staff members, seasonal items will sell themselves.

Working With a Consultant

Ready to go the extra mile this holiday season? A restaurant consultant can help improve your marketing strategies and also boost sales. Consultants can also spot holes in your restaurant operations and offer trusted advice for improving your daily workflow. Call a restaurant recruiter and learn more about specific services that could benefit your business.

All-Pro Coaches is Here to Help

Whether you need help marketing your holiday restaurant menu or have another hospitality issue, All-Pro Coaches is here to help your business succeed. Explore our website to learn more about what we do.