Most people find new restaurants to visit through online reviews. If these reviews do not set a high standard, then it’s likely that your restaurant will lose footfall. Recent reviews are a key part of your online reputation. Here are five ways in which you can assist yourself in increasing

Internet reviews on Google, Facebook, and your website:

1. Be present where internet users are looking for you

To build your reputation on the internet, you need to be present and make it easy for people to find you online. Add a Google My Business entry so that they can immediately bookmark your page. Additionally, utilize social media and make the page easy to find with a clear link and visible logo throughout. Therefore, you must have a profile on each of these sites so that your customers can leave their opinions there.

2. Ask your customers to write an online review of your establishment

If you don’t ask your customers to leave a comment on the internet, they may never do so spontaneously. For that reason, take action on your own! Start by chatting to your repeat customers: they are naturally willing to recommend you in most cases. At the end of their experience with you, tell them that you are trying to make a good presence on the internet and that you would be pleased if they left honest feedback online. You can also incentivize them to leave a review, such as giving them a free dessert or drink for an honest review. People will most certainly enjoy a little something for free! If you take the time to connect with your customers, they are much more likely to leave a 5-star review.

3. Facilitate their process by sending them a link by email to submit a review

Offer some marketing leaflet or regular subscription on an email that gives them information on your latest offers and opening times. Within this same email, add a link for them to write a review. Leaving a link increases the chance of your customer leaving a review just by attaching the link in an email. The best advice: Personalize the email as much as possible. Ultimately, people enjoy being treated as a person and not a statistic in the end. Follow up with your customer the next time you see them, and more than likely, they will tell you that they will do it that same day!

4. Frequently check your reviews and respond to all types of reviews!

If you follow the above instructions carefully, you will gradually collect customer reviews on several sites where you are referenced. Most of your customers love you and will speak highly of you (the average internet rating is 4 out of 5 stars!). But some may make suggestions to improve your service. If you don’t regularly review the reviews you receive, you risk missing out on these important reviews that will further elevate your quality of service. Therefore, remember to check the various sites where you can receive valuable feedback and respond to any review someone leaves! This will allow other customers who have not visited before to see that you are keen to make positive changes and take on constructive criticism positively.

Final Thoughts

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